We’re Honouring Personal Support Workers

PSWs are too often forgotten when we celebrate healthcare workers. Their sacrifices and dedication to those they care for cannot be understated.

Now, we’re proud to their stories to the forefront by spotlighting three brave PSWs and asking you to share your own experiences as well.


We asked three Personal Support Workers about their experiences. Here’s what they had to say.

Q: What is one thing you need right now? A: A promise that long term care is going to change. A promise that they’re not going to forget us. A promise that these new facilities and rebuilds will happen sooner than later.

Heather W., PSW

Q: What does being a PSW mean to you? A: It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. These relationships and friendships you build through caring for these people, it’s an amazing feeling. They enrich my life and I love them like family.

Rebecca P., PSW

Q: What is something you want people to know about PSWs? A: I want them to know that we’re here to help and protect. That we’re trying our best to help your loved ones like our own family. We are trying to protect them but we are also helpless.

Gemma M., PSW

Share Your PSW Story

If your life or a relative’s life has been enriched by a PSW, or if you’re a PSW yourself, please share a story or give thanks here.

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The Top 3 Challenges Facing PSWs

Low Pay
PSWs are among the most underpaid healthcare workers, earning poverty wages while working around the clock to care for our loved ones.

Multiple Jobs
Long-term care homes owned by for-profit corporations like Chartwell, Sienna, Revera and Extendicare manipulate the system to avoid giving PSWs full-time schedules and therefore full-time benefits. As a result they’re forced to get multiple jobs to provide for their families

Dangers During COVID-19
PSWs are last in line to receive proper personal protective equipment. With those who have to work multiple jobs to make a living, the risk of spreading infection increases.